Gun Trusts

What is a gun trust?

A gun trust is a special entity created to hold items regulated by the National Firearms Act (NFA). They are frequently referred to as NFA trusts. A gun trust is drafted specifically to hold restricted weapons to be used by the trust’s beneficiaries. An individual can purchase an NFA restricted weapon without a trust, however, a trust has several benefits:

     1. No fingerprints are required.
     2. No law enforcement signature is required.
     3. Approval is typically faster than registration for an individual.
     4. An estate plan for your NFA items is built in; your weapons will transfer as directed in your                trust.
     5. It can hold all of your NFA items, so every additional purchase can be added to your trust with          minimal effort.

What does it cost?

We charge a flat rate of $500 for your gun trust. This includes the drafting work, your original trust document, plus your first copy to send to the BATFE with your transfer application. There are no additional fees, however the BATFE charges $200 for each regulated item that you transfer to your trust.

Can anyone get a gun trust?

Yes and no. The same restrictions apply to Trustees and Beneficiaries of a gun trust that apply to an individual owner of an NFA weapon. Those restrictions are similar for any firearm purchase, and we review them with any potential client to ensure full compliance with law.